While looking for something other…

It’s easy getting stuck in the everyday routine. Wake up, go to work, go home. If skills are developed through time and practice, what’s actually being reinforced when the routine involves things that aren’t really satisfying or nurturing? Why is it when working for others, there’s guilt in being late, there’s fear in not doing a great job, and anxiety when asking for time off? Why is it when i have time off, i seldom treat my time or projects as seriously or scrupulously as i do when working for someone else?

I decided to explore these questions so i could hear myself and find where i fit into everything. It took a bit effort to escape the gravity of habit. What would it like look like if i wasn’t on a bi-monthly pay schedule? How would i look at things differently if i wasn’t subscribing to thirty day fee scheme? What if my creative decisions weren’t solely based on maintaining overhead and treading water.

One hundred thousand-plus miles, a few foreign countries, and a handful of new friends later i’m ready to sort out some of these experiences.

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