The other Hands of Time

  • 2017_1113_CHN
  • 2017_1106_TPE
  • 2017_1106_TPE_2
  • 2017_0728_SWE
  • 2017_0501_OZ
  • 2017_0417_OZ
  • 2016_1220_TPE2
  • 2016_1220_TPE
  • 2016_1126_HI
  • 2016_1113_NZ
  • 2016_1107_NZ
  • 2016_1105_NZ

The hands of time.

Art is a passport and i’ve spent the last year and a half utilizing it to travel. With opportunities to lecture, design products, and collaborate with different artists, it’s been nice way of finding my bearings in the world and hear my own thoughts.

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